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Book Reviews on Beading Books

Recently I bought a new book on beading. I thought I had them all, the magazine’s, the books and the free projects online.

So here’s a great book I reccomend. I really like the step by step instructions using everyday common to find beads. Some books use speciality beads and not list a store or resource where to find them. Not in this case, most times I had the beads or wire on hand. A valuable resource guide and tutorial also.

This is one book every beader should own. From size charts, to identifying hard to find beads, and a list of resources in the back of the book. Many of the projects are simple yet beautiful with great tips and tricks.

This next book is great for both beginners or advanced stitchers. The book only has 79 pages. But each page is packed full of projects. What makes this book so unique is it uses components and builds from there. You’ll start out with a simple circle, then a triangle, square and onto create rings, bracelets and so forth with each component. The Venezia Pendant uses the square, triangle, and toogle clasp and that’s just one part of the necklace. You won’t regret this book purchase, it’s one of a kind.

This is a serious beading book duplicating the jewelry worn by some of the most famous women of the world. The first piece I created were the post earrings worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961. These earrings included a 14mm Swarovski rivoli encased in a circular peyote stitch of beads, with an outside fringe strands. Other designs are based on jewelry worn by other actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ann Sheridan, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood and many others. Each piece has a synopsis on the actress and what movie she wore the jewelry in.

I hope you liked these book reviews, I’ve enjoyed each book and you’ll find many of my pieces come from several of the books listed here.

Until next time! Keep on beading…