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Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Expo 2018

This January 12th to the 14th you'll find me at the Golden Spike fairgrounds for this three day event. 

Here you'll find healers of your body, soul and peace of mind. Tarot and energy readers of all kinds can be found too. Lots of holistic and healthy items will be available.

I'm in love with the stones I find each year. Last time I was there they had children's books, beautiful books waiting for adults and children to read and drift off to sleep dreaming of new adventures. 

The art is incredible, mind blowing creations that fascinate and make you wonder. 

Fun eclectic items to buy for bookshelves or coffee tables that'll be a conversation piece for years to come.

I'll be here selling my Artisan handmade beaded jewelry. I really like this event, people I meet seem to be happy and love to talk. People are so interesting, everyone has a story to tell, sometimes it's like they are telling my story, other times it's foreign to me. It's such an ego boost when someone buys my jewelry or comments on the beauty or work in my art. 

That's why I'm a vendor and a shopper at the Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Expo in January. 

It's also my birth month, if you wish me happy birthday I'll have a gift for you at my table! I hope to see you there!

Lots of fun for kids, make sure to visit the balloon lady!

2 thoughts on “Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Expo 2018

  1. Happy Birthday Miss Bernadette. I hope to see you there

    1. Thank you, I’m looking forward to seeing you too. I’m excited to be attending again.

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