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Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Expo

October 20-21, 2017 we vended at the Golden Spike event center for the Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Expo. 

On Friday we had a trickle of customers, most just looking at what was available. Saturday there was a steady trickle of customers, many looked at my jewelry, but didn't buy. I found from other vendors that their sales were far less than expected. 

I usually sell from $250-350 for the entire event, this time I sold $30!!

Talking with the other vendors we came to the conclusion for our low sales, 1. The economy is poor right now, and most of the items are items people want, not need. Luxory items are the last things people buy. 

I did however sell an ornament and a pair of earrings.

Ornament I sold.

I bought more from other vendors than I sold. 

Jasper pendant I bought from this vendor.
Scott Tuckfield draws these amazing pictures in free had form. His art is incredible. Take a look at his website for more beautiful work.
Lamp work pendant by Mike Hurst. Mike and I belong to The Local Artisan Collective here in Ogden Utah. If you're ever in our area please look up the store, it's really amazing how many artists live around me. Maybe it's the water?!

Over all I had a good time, bought beautiful items to make into extra ordinary jewelry for amazing customers. Be watching this page for new jewelry.

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  1. Thanks for including me in your post. Sunday was better than the other two days combined, but still slow.

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