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Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Festival

This past weekend I vended at the Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Festival. At this event the following happened….in the cold….in winds up to 60 mph…drumming circles, hula hoop dancing, yoga, art, tai chai and fire rituals. Luckily the winds had died down to a measly 20mph by the time the fire rituals started. Seriously Utah was doing its best to confuse us all. Would it rain, will the wind stop, will we ever get warm again??!

Despite all the confusion, mother nature sent some of the nicest people to my booth. I loved all the colorful hair and clothes and the smiles and laughter were great too.

If you missed this event you can catch a similar event from the same person who puts this on, it’s called the Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Expo. Yep same name, different time of year, one’s in January (Expo) and the other’s in May (Festival). I loved both of them, the energies we’re high, laughter was everywhere. The balloon lady was a hoot, seriously, her hats are amazing and her balloon art is really great!

Hopefully I’ll see you next year!

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