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New beading book purchase 💗

I recently bought a new beading book. This is a history and art lesson with a tutorial attached for all 30 projects. 1468022972774

I’ve unsuccessfully hunted for ancient designs of jewelery until I came upon this book. The designs run from beginner to advanced. The beads used are what I’d call your base beads, seed beads, bicones, and drops. Many books I’ve tried to use for designs have beads from other countries that are either too expensive to ship or just too over priced. Ancient craftsman used what was avaiable in their area. In egypt beads consisted of coconut coins with a hole bore through them, today we have wooden coins or glass too. Either way they made/make a lovely collar. Egyptians were big on collars, yet Greece was big on plant shapes in beads or glass, and Romans loved big pieces of semi precious stones strung with other glass beads.

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