Pictures of customers

These pictures, used with customer permission, are of customers wearing their jewelry I’ve made. If you’ve bought a piece from me, either in person or by mail, and you’d like your picture on this page, please email me your photo at .

This young lady bought the black and gold collar. It looks stunning on her. Infinite Possibilities 2017 at Ogden city park.

Joy, another vendor, did a trade with me. She’s got some great headbands, scarves, gloves and the cutest unicorn horn headbands. She loves her Jade colored rivoli bezeled and weaved necklace and earrings.
April with her new earrings, these are the mandala rivolis bezeled with a light pink seed bead and a pink drop. These really look great on her. Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness Expo 2018.
This lovely lady, look at that smile!,  fell in love with the dragonfly necklace. This is a strung bead necklace with a dragonfly pendant attached. Later she showed us her dragonfly tattoo on her back. Very cool. Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness 2018

These two friends bought a pair of earrings each. The lady on the right bought the snow globe earrings with stars inside. The lady on the left bought the Cobalt blue woven rivoli set. Infinite Possibilities Higher Conciousness 2018.
Isn’t she lovely?

At SpiritCon Reverend Myrna bought this gorgeous necklace I’d called ombre. It’s from a Pinterest picture with no author or creator listed. I had to count each bead in the picture from Pinterest and I love how it turned out, and from the smile on Myrna’s face I think she does too. Isn’t she beautiful?!

This is a dear friend Ariel, just like the little mermaid, she wears the Thor hammer beaded earrings I created. Ariel is such a beautiful woman and I’m blessed to have her as a friend.